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Manual Roulette Wheel - Prestige MRW

Prestige MRW is our traditional roulette wheel. Noble Wenge wood, nickel plated metal surfaces as well as details like grooved separator ring make it the wheel of choice for players in search of traditional style and prestige. Beside attractive and luxurious look it is praised for its proven reliability and next to none need for maintenance. Built-in electronics provides simple connection of the wheel with table management and winning number display systems like PEye system made by BHS Böhm.

Simple and over engineered mechanics, as well as electronics, are guarantee for long life and reliability of our wheel. .


  • Wenge noble wood
  • Grooved separator ring
  • Nickel plating
  • European number layout (single zero)
  • High precision machining
  • Equipped with sensorics and communication electronics



  • Combination of the light and dark noble wood
  • Nickel plated visible metal surfaces
  • Plexiglas ring with numbers
  • Grooved separator ring


  • 3D numbers
  • Hard gilded metal surfaces
  • Custom number layouts
  • Custom wood patterns of the bowl
  • Plexiglas pockets
  • Wooden cone
  • Without sensorics and communication electronics