COVID-19 – Notice

While taking all recommended precautions to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus, we are determined to preserve the continuity of our full operability. It is difficult to predict further development of this pandemic but we have been very well prepared to cope with this situation and, although we hope that the forecasts will be favourable, we are also prepared for less favourable developments.



Our communication channels are open and there are no delays in respect of our regular times of responding to and processing our customers’ requirements. In particular, we are at your full disposal for:

  • technical support,
  • spare parts supply,
  • responding to your inquiries,
  • receiving your orders.

Currently we are applying the home-based work only for those activities for which coming to the office is not strictly necessary and our local epidemiologic situation is relatively very good. However, we are also prepared for full performance of these business processes in case of total prohibition of traveling to the workplace.


We have preserved our ability to maintain the entire manufacturing process and are determined to preserve it in the future. Under the circumstances, a high level of self-sufficiency is essential which we have been able to achieve thanks to availability of all specific manufacturing technologies. This notwithstanding, even in case of problems in material supply, we have ensured that there are significant stocks on hand. Hence, even in case of major problems, we should be able to preserve a limited autonomy in responding to your requirements.


In this disaster, we have identified the opportunity to intensify our activities aimed to improve our product and efficiency. To this end, we have included additional human resources in research and development and, while waiting for recovery of the global economy, we are systematically focused on further improvements.


We are aware that, due to the specific nature of our product, it is essential that you can count on our availability. In this respect, we wish to assure you clearly that, like in the case of the past recession, CTI will not draw back and that besides the experience, we also have extraordinary strength and capacity to cope with this crisis.

Our resolve is not only to survive but to meet the next investment cycle together with you, more competitive than ever before.