Focused long-term strategy
Thanks to the continuous commitment to our long-term strategy, the know-how we have gathered throughout the years is today an enormous asset.

Integrated manufacturing processes
Integrity in the field of applied technologies reduces our purchasing to the level of merchant goods supply.
Such independence allows us to ensure stability in a transitional surrounding.

Advanced information management
From the very beginnings we recognized progressive information management as one of the key efficiency strategies.
Developing our own ERP system we consider as a huge benefit rather than a luxury.

Internal organizational model

  • Flexibility
    Modern organizational system based on individual results management allows simple formation of “ad hoc” teams at the level of a single project or even task.
  • Creativity
    Trust based values and goals preferred over methods focused on employee management.
  • Market principles
    Thanks to the natural market principles reaching each employee and each project, resources are being allocated automatically to the fields with the best return.
    Living by such principles, where each employee is in some way an entrepreneur, our collective effectiveness is not weighted with uncompetitive ballasts.