20 years of the King Roulettes brand


The greatest achievements of the human civilization have always been preceded by extended periods of ongoing focus and upgrading. Accordingly, we at CTI are convinced that great things are not achieved haphazardly, and our strategy has always focused on remaining calm and stable and growing inwardly as opposed to being compelled to grow outwardly.

This year, we are proudly celebrating the 20th anniversary of our King Roulettes brand. During these 20 years of being constantly committed to developing roulette mechanisms, we remained unperturbed by the ups and downs in the gaming industry. Many businesses emerged at the time and grew rapidly, but few managed to survive. Our development has been pursued without interruption for twenty years and our manufacturing capacities remain ready even in cyclical periods of extremely low demand, typical of our industry. For example, if you purchased our product 18 years ago (at which time we implemented our internal ERP system) and you now need any spare part, we will immediately retrieve all drawings and specifications and very quickly make it and deliver it to you. As they say, the past is the best predictor of the future – if this is so indeed, CTI remains a constant within the gaming industry that you can rely on.