About King Roulettes – Facilities and Technology

Established in 2002, Clustertech International is in fact the only automated roulette wheels factory, as it is the only worldwide company housing all related specific manufacturing technologies.

By following a strategy of trustworthiness and focusing on one single product for almost two decades, we gathered unparalleled expertise and became a constant in our narrow niche of the gaming industry.

Clustertech International holds a certificate of highest creditworthiness rating for each year since 2014.

Our name derives from the cluster of technologies that we use in-house, namely: metal processing, wood processing and electronics, and from our international orientation that applies to clients as well as employees and suppliers.

Our slogan “Led by customers trust” is our way of doing business where trust is never calculated with.

Our products – roulette wheels are sold on the market under the brand name King Roulettes.

Our facilities

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Legal information

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Clustertech International Inc.
Ruđera Boškovića 13
BA-78250 Laktaši
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Id. no. 1958526
JIB 401755120005
Share capital: 50,000.00KM

Croatia (branch)

ClusterTech International Ltd.
Sveta Helena 156
HR-10380 Sveti Ivan Zelina
Id. no. 02501872
VAT no. (OIB): HR78877542963
Share capital: 991,110.18€