King Roulettes – Company and Product Certificates



Other product Safety and Randomness certifications

In addition to the above certificates, our customers’ systems equipped with our wheels, spread around the globe, were often successfully certified against CE and GLI but also various other standards like UL by test-labs like GLI or BMM and institutions like State of Nevada or German PTB.

Company – Creditworthiness

AAA Creditworthiness Certificate.pdf

Bisnode Croatia, a member of the leading European group for providing business and credit rate information Bisnode AB Stockholm, awarded the CTI AAA certificate, the highest level of credit rating excellence, the sixth year in a row.

AAA standard of credit rating excellence is based on analytical method of calculation which is equal for all European markets and annual financial statements of businesses.

Credit rating excellence certificate is one of the most important European standards that defines the quality of business and is an internationally recognized label of economic quality of business.

Bisnode business analysis showed that only 0.43 percent of the companies registered in Croatia meet the criteria for this credit rating certificate.