Automated Roulette Wheel FAQ

1. What is exactly an automated roulette wheel?
As its crucial component, an automated roulette wheel is a part of an automated roulette system with attached or detached player terminals. Our wheels form a fully functional automated roulette system subunit, the purpose of which is the performance of a physical game cycle. They communicate with the main system’s software by receiving commands and sending back information such as the ball speed and position.

2. What is the usual lead time of an automated roulette wheel?
Usual lead time is 30 days. This may however be prolonged in the case of special requests or extraordinary demand at the moment of the order placement.

3. What are the usual transport means?

  • Direct road transport
    Best for urgent shipments for European destinations, safe, but often economical only in the case of bigger shipments of over 5-10 wheels.
  • Group road transport
    Ideal for shipments within Europe. Higher risk of goods damaging.
  • Air transport
    Good for smaller and urgent shipments for overseas destinations.
  • Sea transport
    Suitable for larger non-urgent overseas shipments.

4. How are King Roulettes wheels maintained?
Our roulette wheels are maintenance free, i.e. there is no scheduled maintenance.

5. Are King Roulette wheels certified?
We hold CE and GLI-11 certificates, but there are certain limitations and exceptions in this regard so this is something that should be specifically communicated. For example, some of our customers comply with UL instead with CE, GLI cannot be applied if critical components of a certified wheel are changed etc.

6. From which place are our products dispatched?
Goods are normally dispatched from our Bosnian facility, in Laktaši. Delivery from our Croatian facility near Zagreb (EU) is an option without surcharge in case of certain spare parts or otherwise with surcharge.